Around nose surgery

Before surgery

In order to minimize the risks of surgery, it is mandatory that you follow these instructions before surgery:

Do not take any of the following for a minimum of 10-14 days prior to surgery:

  • Aspirin or aspirin containing products
  • Ibuprofen or similar anti-inflammatory medications
  • Herbal medications, such as Ginko BilobaGinseng,
  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin E supplements

An exception can be made for some prescription medications – please consult with your primary care physician and your surgeon about this.

Patients with rosacea may want to avoid aggravating factors before surgery (e.g. alcohol, heat, sun exposure, spicy food… the list is long).

For outpatient care, make sure you have made arrangements in advance. You are not allowed to travel alone, nor in a cab, after any operation, except interventions done only under local anaesthesia. Best is to make arrangements to have someone with you the first 48 Hours after the operation.

We will provide you with the option of contacting private duty nursing for this if you are interested. We find that many of our patients value this greatly. However, it is fine to simply have a family member with you.

You are likely to require assistance with simple activities, incision care, eye care, and the like. In addition it is important to have someone available should a complication of some sort develop.


The day of surgery

You should wear loose and comfortable clothing that is easy to get in and out. You will meet the anaesthesiologist and nursing staff.