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Rhinoplasty is a procedure aiming to correct or reconstruct the nose. In most cases it is a surgical procedure

This may be needed to change the aesthetic appearence (straighten the nose, reduce a hump, change the nasal tip or correct any dips or depressions on the bridge of the nose), to improve function (respiration, snorring etc.) or to reconstruct nasal defects after skin cancer surgery, due to systemic diseases or after facial trauma.

In selected cases an injection rhinoplasty can give similar results to a surgical procedure. It certain situations we not only can change the aesthetic appearence but also can help to improve your nasal function. Learn more about injection rhinoplasty…

In all of cases it is our mission to improve your facial appearance and nasal function in one, and to produce a result that has a natural, non-operated appearance.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty

A beautiful nose is an important component to a harmonious face and blends into the background. Customised rhinoplasty techniques allow us today to sculpt your nose à la carte and in harmony with your face…

functional septo-rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty is a procedure used to correct or reconstruct the nose primarily for functional complaints

Revision rhinoplasty

A significant portion of Dr. Cuno’s practice is devoted to revision rhinoplasty, which is correcting problems from a previous rhinoplasty done anywhere else…

reconstructive nose surgery

Nasal defects may have to be reconstructed after skin cancer surgery, due to systemic diseases or after facial trauma

Special: Profileplasty

Nasal size perception is directly influenced by other areas of the face, that also have a powerful influence on facial balance

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