Revision Rhinoplasty 

Secondary Rhinoplasty


A significant portion of Dr. Cuno’s practice (about 60% of cases) is devoted to revision rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty, which is correcting functional and/or cosmetic problems following previous rhinoplasty.

We strive to provide a good long-term outcome with structure rhinoplasty techniques. However, no surgeon is immune to revisions and each rhinoplasty surgeon has his own revision cases.

It is also very difficult to attain perfection with rhinoplasty and patients who seek perfection may have higher revision rates. Other causes for revision can be poor execution of technique, poor healing, unanticipated issues and especially the change of shape over time (scar contracture). The nose changes naturally over time, which intricates the situation.

Treatment: Revision rhinoplasty

Duration of Treatment:

About 2–6 hours


Usually general anesthesia


1-2 nights stay

Follow-up Treatment:

Regular post-operative visits

Fit for everyday life:

Appr. 7-10 days

To be considered:

3 weeks without physical efforts waiver of training


Starting at 10 000 CHF

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