Cosmetic Injection Rhinoplasty

Injection rhinoplasty may give similar results to surgical rhinoplasty in some patients.

We do a 3D morphing of the nose beforehand to find out whether or not the patient is a candidate for injection rhinoplasty.

We only use absorbable hyaluronic acid for this treatment. The duration of treatment depends on the area injected, the product used and the metabolism of each patient.

Sometimes, several treatments and adjustments are necessary after a few weeks.

The results remain stable 9 to 18 months.

You can send us a picture (face and profile) by email to get a first opinion.

More permanent injection techniques can be tried with grafting materials using cartilage (which requires cartilage graft harvesting for cartilage paste) or using fat (microfat grafting). 

Functional Injection Rhinoplasty

Sometimes we can also improve the airflow function of the nose with injections, by injecting into the nasal valves (internal nasal valve, external nasal valve).

The goal is to raise the tip, open the internal valve and stabilize the external valve. With the age, the nose loses support and volume around the base of the nose.

Neuromodulation – botulinum toxin injection

Several muscles affect the shape of the nose and respiratory function.

Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles. The toxin can be injected around the nose in certain indications to refine the shape of the nose and therefore improve dynamic and static aesthetics.